How Chronic Back Pain Develops and How We Treat It

Those suffering from chronic back pain know how difficult it can be to maintain normal daily activities when experiencing such incredible levels of discomfort and pain. As a chiropractic office, we understand that the back makes a major impact on how a person feels on a daily basis.

When the spine is in alignment, muscles are more likely to relax, discomfort is reduced and people can go about their normal daily activities feeling better. When the spine is out of alignment, everything can suffer and chronic back pain can be one part of that.


There is a difference between regular pain and chronic pain. Those who suffer from chronic pain find that it impacts their entire life. This is not something that one can treat with the occasional Tylenol. Instead, it is something that impacts how a person feels on a daily basis, whether they can walk around and their ability to continue working.

The pain is so severe that, at times, people consider surgery just to feel better. We recommend that anyone suffering from chronic pain such as this visits our office for an examination. We may be able to help and do so without invasive measures.


Many people report that after chiropractic care, they are able to do things that they had not been able to do in years. This is especially true for seniors who reduce their level of activity because it is difficult to walk around or bend. Pain that reduces mobility can make it impossible to go for an evening stroll or even walk around the grocery store. Rather than accepting that chronic pain is going to make those activities impossible, it is best to seek chiropractic treatment. We can help patients get the therapy necessary for feeling better and regaining a full quality of life.


By moving the spine into alignment, we can eliminate pinched nerves and increase mobility.It is important to do so rather than accepting that life has to change or taking incredible amounts of pain medication on a daily basis. Additionally, since our solutions can allow patients to avoid surgery, it is easier to recover when working with a chiropractor rather than working with a surgeon.


Learn more about these and other treatment solutions that we offer by calling and scheduling an appointment today.

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