Becky H. 
I was a skeptic about Chiropractic. I turned tubes in a drive-up teller at a credit union for 20 years and I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My hands and wrists ached all the time and so I set up a date for surgery. My husband asked me why not try Dr. Sanders first? What did I have to lose? So I went and after 3 visits I cancelled my surgery. Dr. Sanders has helped me so much! I have no pain in my hands or wrists and I can do all of the things I love. I go in regularly for maintenance care and it’s a miracle for me! Thank you so much to Dr. Sanders and his wonderful staff. I am no longer a skeptic!

Sheri B. 
The Staff here is amazing!!! I feel like part of their family. I’m not just a patient to them. They really care. I have had back problems for years and it probably doesn’t help that I like to run. I have ran several marathons, half marathons and Ragnar. I have also had cancer 4 times so that my muscles are not typical of a healthy person. Dr. Sanders literally keeps me running. I wouldn’t be able to run if it wasn’t for him!! I’m on a maintenance plan but also if I need more I always come in and get put back together!! I have and continue to refer patients into Dr. Sanders!! I am so thankful for him and his staff!! Thank you for everything!

Kelly P. 
Initially, I did not believe in chiropractic medicine, but after only 3 weeks as a patient 90% of my pain has been alleviated from a major auto accident. I’m able to do things I haven’t in 9 years. My son’s treatment with Dr. Sanders has also been a positive experience following his car accident. I definitely recommend Dr. Sanders chiropractic care!- Gordon B. Dr. Sanders is really great to work with. He found a broken vertebrae in my back and called his orthopedic friend and set me up with an appointment. It’s been great to have both a chiropractor and an an ortho helping me. I’m healing quickly, and Dr. Sanders has called me every night to make sure I’m doing well. He also gave me great supplements and cold laser treatments to help me heal more quickly. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sanders to anyone with back pain.

Gordon B. 
The knee pain that bothered me for over a year was very sore and would give out on me whenever I stepped down. After treatment with Dr. Sanders, my knee no longer give out and I’m nearly pain free!!!

Megan M. 
After falling 10 feet from a ladder in November of 2013 and breaking my T12 vertebrae and L4, L5 discs, I was in a great deal of pain. I had already received 3 epidural steroid injections, that had helped minimally with the pain. In December of 2014, my husband urged me to see Dr. Sanders and since I was already considering and planning on surgery this February, I figured I had nothing to lose. I am grateful to report that within 3 weeks of adjustments, my pain levels were down nearly 50% and within 2 months, my pain levels are down to possibly 20% of what they were. I am no longer considering surgery and am so grateful that Dr. Sanders took the time to carefully study and review the x-rays and performed such a thorough exam. Because of the nerve pain in my lumbar back, he used very gentle methods to help get my back in alignment. His office staff are so kind and professional. I’m so grateful that I followed my husband’s suggestions and made an appointment with Dr. Sanders.

Lori S. 
I am basically healthy but have been to three chiropractors prior to my first visit with Dr. Sanders. I was pleasantly surprised when he took the time to study my x-rays and tests (or even perform tests) before starting treatment. With some chiropractors I felt I was writing a blank check without really understanding what was going on and how my condition was improving. I was pleased that roughly every month Dr. Sanders re-evaluated my condition and gave me specific exercises to make my treatment faster and more permanent. I have had runner’s knee for about 20 years before I learned, thanks to Dr. Sanders, that my knee joint was out of alignment. I can hardly wait to hike pain-free this summer!

Marjorie F 
I’ve been experiencing back and neck pain for 10-15 years. After seeing Dr. Sanders I walk out feeling wonderful. The staff here is outstanding!

Sterling T. 
I started seeing Dr. Sanders in 2006. He helps me feel good with every visit. I see Dr. Sanders every month to keep me feeling good. He’s a great doctor and my back feels great!

Dr. Sanders is really great to work with. He found a broken vertebrae in my back and called his orthopedic friend and set me up with an appointment. It’s been great to have both a chiropractor and an an ortho helping me. I’m healing quickly, and Dr. Sanders has called me every night to make sure I’m doing well. He also gave me great supplements and cold laser treatments to help me heal more quickly. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sanders to anyone with back pain.

Rhonda C. 
I came into the office with neck problems and continued and still continue with maintenance care. I whole heartedly believe in Chiropractic care. I’ve had a bad neck for many years and monthly maintenance keeps it in line. The staff here are awesome, kind and caring. They work well with any issues that arise. I would definitely recommend Sanders Chiropractic to anyone.

Helen C. 
After only 6 treatments my back pain is almost completely gone. My left foot pain was so painful I couldn’t even walk normal without it hurting. Now my foot is much better and I plan to get orthotics that I’m sure will help it heal even faster. If I could recommend anyone to a chiropractor it would definitely be Dr. Sanders. The staff is very organized, knowledgeable and friendly.

Marian I. 
I came to the office seeking treatment for back pain. I started seeing Dr. Sanders in the spring of 2011 and previous to seeing Dr. Sanders I was taking 600 mg of aspirin a day for pain. I am now pain free now since seeing Dr. Sanders. I have also noticed that I have been sleeping a lot better. My knee’s have stopped hurting and I can walk for longer periods. Another significant change has been that my headaches have stopped completely and I can bend better, I have more energy and better concentration and I am more relaxed and alert.

Steve W. 
This is a special place where I feel a very real interest is taken each time I come in. God bless this endeavor to “Help” people who have such a hopelessness when they first come and then slowly and surely the pain is relieved. I suffered mid-back pain for many years until I came into Dr. Sanders office. The staff deserves an A+. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help.

Steve L. 
I have known Dr. Sanders for seven years and know that he is a man of integrity and character. My family and I have been under his care and know that good isn’t good enough when excellence is expected. He gets to know his patients and really listens to their needs. I have been to other chiropractors and was tired of the ‘business atmosphere’ there. I hated waiting an hour to get three minutes with a doctor who hardly even looked me in the eye. For them, their focus was on seeing as many patients per hour as possible. My very first visit to Dr. Sanders I waited maybe two minutes, and I didn’t leave until I had received my exam and also had ALL of my questions answered. I knew I had found someone special. He literally exceeds your expectations. There are few people in the world that I would trust with everything I care about, but Dr. Sanders is one of them. I am lucky to know him as a doctor, and proud to have him as a friend. I have and do recommend him to everyone I know.

David I. 
I came into the office seeking treatment for neck pain. I have noticed significant improvement in my neck pain and now have less pain. I have also noticed that I can turn my head farther to the right then before and that my low back pain is greatly improved. My previous occupation caused my back problem and Dr. Sanders has helped me realize that my posture plays a major role in causing my neck problems.

Joshua Briggs

My name is Joshua Briggs, and I would like to put in writing my experience with Dr. Sanders. My health had been shutting down for several years, and I couldn’t figure out why. I had to deal with headaches and dizziness to the point where it really started impacting my life. I am a High School teacher and I was a long distance running coach, as well. I used to run with my team, but the headaches and dizziness got to the point where I couldn’t run with the team anymore. I searched high and low for health answers and relief, and it seemed like I was a medical anomaly. We spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to figure me out medically. I underwent cat scans of my brain, MRI’s, balance and hearing tests. I got to the point that I couldn’t walk very well, and finally to the point that I couldn’t even drive. I had the same migraine everyday for over 4 months. It never broke and the pain was so intense. I finally passed out at church, and the school district wouldn’t let me come back to teach until I was cleared my medical professionals. It was two days after the last doctor told me that he didn’t have any logical explanations that I turned to Dr. Sanders.

I had never stepped foot in a chiropractic office before, and I didn’t know how a chiropractor could possibly help me. I was desperate, suffering, and I needed to find answers for my family. Dr. Sanders was so kind and understanding. He asked me if I ever suffered from a traumatic accident. I told him of a severe concussion that I suffered in Hawaii 9 years before. Dr. Sanders told me that a simple x-ray could possibly reveal a lot, given my symptoms. The x-ray image completely shocked me. My neck was completely crushed. Instead of a normal curve shape, my neck was crushed straight down. It was bone on bone and pinching off the nerves. My neck muscles had grown so tight around the trauma area that they were cutting off the blood supply to my brain and causing the posterior migraine that stopped my life in its tracks. My neurologist and internal doctor finally knew what they were dealing with and basically entrusted me to Dr. Sanders care. Dr. Sanders and my massage therapist worked together to bring me back to health. It wasn’t an easy road, but they were there for me every step of the way. After missing 4 months of teaching, I was able to return to work. Slowly, but surely, I was able to decrease the headaches and dizziness to much more manageable levels. I was able to go spearfishing last week for the first time in three years. I now have the medical answers that eluded me for so long, and caused me so many trials and hardships. I always felt that Dr. Sanders was there for me, the person, first and foremost. I always felt that it was never about the money or business. He did what was best for me, and I am so grateful that I found him and that he helped me. I would recommend Dr. Sanders to anyone and everyone. He is a man of integrity and honor, and someone I would trust to care for my family and friends.

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