What Causes Back Pain?

Many patients come to our clinic experiencing severe back pain that makes it difficult for them to perform daily tasks or live a comfortable life. Through our non-invasive treatment methods, we can help patients regain their mobility, comfort, and quality of life. It is important to understand what some of the underlying causes of back pain are, in order to prevent them when possible.


Some people suffer from a degenerative back disease that can lead to chronic and lasting pain, but this is rare.


One of the more common causes of back pain is an accident. Being involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident can lead to severe damage, including whiplash. Workplace injuries can also cause back pain. It is important to make sure that after sustaining an injury, a person receives immediate treatment to prevent further damage such as scar tissue.


Heavy lifting at home or at work can strain the muscles and ligaments in the back, causing severe back pain.


The spine consists of vertebrae. If these bones touch, it can cause intense amounts of pain. To prevent this, there are discs between each bone that act as cushions. If the discs wear down, rupture or slip out of place, it can create a terrible amount of pain. It is highly effective to treat this type of pain with techniques like decompression.


Moving quickly and awkwardly can cause the vertebrae to move out of alignment, muscles to strain and ligaments to tear. These type of injuries happen frequently to athletes and even those who are playing occasionally just for fun. Also, it is common for sudden movements at work to cause these types of injuries, especially when something heavy is involved. Additionally, even something as minor as a slip and fall accident can lead to pain in the back due to awkward movements.


This is a disorder that can be incredibly painful and lead to a loss of mobility. It takes place when the bone slips forward and touches the bone below it.


Not getting enough exercise can also lead to back problems. This is especially true for those who are sitting all day. The muscles can become tense and sore if they are not moved frequently enough. Sitting at the office desk all day without taking breaks to go for a walk or exercising afterward can cause discomfort and pain that is entirely preventable.


There are several ways that we treat back pain in our clinic, among them are regular adjustments, decompression, and massage therapy. We also recommend careful stretching and exercise designed to strengthen the core and the back.  These are only a few of the treatment options we recommend.


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