Why You Should Visit an Auto Accident Chiropractor Right Away

After being in a car wreck, it is wise to visit our clinic and see an auto accident chiropractor. Car wrecks are incredibly dangerous and one of the common complications of them is spinal injuries. A spinal injury does not necessarily mean that the back will become broken and a person paralyzed. It can be far more subtle.

However, the injury can still be severe even if there is no break. To the contrary, spinal injuries often go unseen but can lead to a loss of mobility and an inability to complete daily activities due to incredible amounts of discomfort.


By visiting our clinic, we can conduct a thorough examination to see how the accident impacted the spine, muscles, and ligaments. The examination involves conducting a physical examination, checking for strength and mobility and also taking X-rays. The result of this thorough examination will tell us how badly the back has been injured and what steps need to be taken to treat it.

Our treatment plans will typically include some form of touch therapy or spinal manipulation in order to move the vertebrae back into their proper alignment. This is necessary for ensuring that no nerves are pinched and that everything can flow freely through the super highway that is the spine. It is also important to help the muscles to relax or the muscles will be incredibly tense and inflamed.


A traditional doctor may prescribe muscle relaxers which can be temporarily useful. In the long-term, it is important to help restore the health of the spine, muscles, and ligaments. Massage can be a helpful tool in doing so. By scheduling a regular massage, patients can begin to experience the relaxation of their muscles and healing can be expedited.

In time, it will also be necessary to strengthen the back and the muscles that support the spine. This involves doing carefully crafted exercises. While recovering from an injury, it is critical to exercise under the care of a medical professional to ensure that any exercises or stretches do not aggravate the injury.

As an auto accident chiropractor, we know which exercises are safe for our patients to begin and when they should be started. For example, by strengthening the core muscles, it is less likely that the back will become re-injured, something that is all too common after an auto accident.


Visiting an auto injury chiropractor is also wise for ensuring that the damage to the spine, neck, back, and shoulders do not become permanent. It is entirely possible to have a spinal injury or whiplash lead to permanent complications and damage.

There are many people that can never fully recover from the condition unless they seek immediate and continuous treatment. Just like physical therapy is necessary after surgery to restore mobility, visiting a chiropractor is necessary to restore mobility and functionality after an accident.


Visit our clinic right away after being in an accident to ensure that the damage done does not become permanent and that you can heal as quickly as possible.