Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

As a pregnancy progresses, there are a variety of physical complications. For some women pain and discomfort become a daily ritual, leaving many women to long for a comfortable lifestyle once more. This comfort can be found again through chiropractic treatments, both during and after a pregnancy.

An infant baby will often dictate what position they are willing to nurse in. Some infants are rather amiable, while others require a mother to remain entirely still or to nurse in a position that is incredibly uncomfortable.In this scenario, a mother may need to contort her body to hold the baby in a very precise way during feedings.

The results of this can be excruciating back, shoulder and neck pain. Sometimes, it is so severe that a new mom may find it difficult to engage in normal daily activities. When mothers need to maintain these strange positions for months at a time, it continues to place strain on the back.

As the baby grows and becomes heavier, the preference for how the baby wishes to nurse may not change, so there will be additional strain due to the baby’s sheer weight and size. If you find yourself in this position, chiropractic can help you to maintain your alignment and reduce pain and discomfort you may be feeling.

Rocking, bouncing, and carrying a child is not easy. It requires the body to bend in strange ways and to hold positions for unnatural periods of time. It also tends to pull the shoulders forward and to make posture more slouched in order to accommodate the weight of the baby. This also leads to significant back tension and pain in the shoulders and neck.

These scenarios create the need for chiropractic care because they can force the spine out of alignment while also creating muscle tension. If the spine is misaligned, the nerves flowing through it may become obstructed or even pinched. This can lead to additional pain, swelling, and tension that can be quite intense.

In our wellness clinic, we can use chiropractic techniques to adjust the spine and move it into alignment in order to combat the negative effects that having a new baby has had on the body.

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