People may compete with an actual sports team or just enjoy playing with friends, but no one is exempt from the possibility of damaging their body. When one sustains an injury during a sport, it is crucial for the individual to seek professional treatment. With the proper treatment and therapy following a sports injury, you will be able to heal more quickly and be able to return to your normal life.


When one experiences a serious strain or sprain, then he or she needs to seek treatment at our practice.

It is important to understand a few key differences between sprains and strains. Sprains involve the tearing of the ligaments that connect two bones together in one’s joints. A strain is the tearing of muscle or tendons that connect the muscles to bones. When one experiences a serious strain, then he or she needs to seek treatment at our practice.


We recommend that anyone, actively engaging in sports on a regular basis, seeks treatment at our center if they experience continuous pain. While soreness and fatigue are completely natural for an individual playing a sport, pain is not a natural part of the body and means that something is wrong. It is crucial to seek treatment for an injury, especially if one continues to play sports. If the patient has a minor injury but does not seek the proper treatment, then the patient will only further damage the injury and risk permanent damage.


The best form of treatment for a sports injury will involve applying a mix of therapeutic and chiropractic techniques. During treatment, the patient may have to slow down and avoid excessive strain on the specific part of the body. Unfortunately, this can mean not being able to continue playing a sport while in recovery. Attempting to apply pressure and excessive use to the injured part of the body will only risk exacerbating the symptoms and injuring the body further. Thus, we recommend that patients review what they can or cannot do with us during the treatment process. If the patient follows our instructions and sticks to the treatment plan, then he or she will see the desired results following a few appointments.

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