Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment Options to Consider

Non-surgical back pain treatment is a revolutionary way for doctors, especially chiropractors, to deal with the chronic back health problems that are plaguing people all across the nation. Prior to starting any kind of treatment, it is always advisable to actively seek out an appropriately trained chiropractor. A skilled professional will help to develop a patient specific treatment program for the back or spinal condition that is bothering the patient.

Even though minor back pain is common, there may be other mitigating factors that will only get worse without proper treatment. In most back pain situations, non-surgical treatments can help give relief without the need for invasive surgery. Starting out by discussing the situation with the chiropractor, coming up with a plan and then working actively toward relief is a simple process to follow for relieving chronic back pain.

One of the best non-surgical back pain treatment options is to get manual manipulation from a chiropractor. Chiropractic manipulations are an extremely common therapeutic treatment that uses spinal manipulation. The manipulation involves a chiropractor applying pressure and motion to the vertebrae.

The manipulation also helps ensure that there are normal movement patterns and that the vertebrae function properly. By reducing the subluxation, the chiropractor is able to increase the range of motion, reduce nerve irritation and help to improve functionality.

When it comes to back pain treatment and relief, the application of heat packs or ice packs tends to have a significant effect. Sometimes patients find that using the two in conjunction is even more effective. Typically, professionals use heat or ice treatments for lower back pain and in coordination with other treatment methods like spinal manipulation.

Very often, back pain is a combination of different factors, which can cause acute discomfort. When the muscles of the back, especially the lower back, have to work even harder to support issues with the vertebrae, they can start to cramp. IUn other cases, the muscles can also become stiff and cut off effective blood flow.

In situations like this, massage therapy can improve the blood flow, help to reduce any muscle stiffness and relieve pain. We typically use massage therapy with spinal manipulation and other therapeutic methods. Therapeutic massages can be extremely effective in conjunction with other treatment techniques for pain relief.

The use of physical therapy, especially when combined with spinal manipulation and massage therapy, can be an extremely effective way to strengthen the back in order to reduce discomfort. A treatment regimen of back exercises and physical therapy can often include strength training, stretching out the muscles and low-impact aerobic exercises. All of the methods are non-surgical back pain treatment options.

It is far more advisable to come in, see our chiropractor, and get a holistic treatment plan that will actually treat the cause of the pain instead of simply treating the pain itself.